Welcome to Expert Designs for Screen Enclosures

Our aim is to educate┬ápotential screen enclosure customers such that they will truly understand the product they intend to buy because, “Building it right is much cheaper than building it twice!”

To learn about the best engineered screen enclosures currently available today, go to the Gen II Screen Enclosure page.

NOT ALL SCREEN ENCLOSURES ARE THE SAME! Did you know there are at least three different methods that can be used to “engineer” a screen enclosure? All have varying degrees of accuracy. With the average enclosure costing about $20,000, you will want to make sure that your screen enclosure uses the most accurate methods in its design to assure it is hurricane resistant.

KNOW THE FACTS! Many product claims are made. We dispell the myths on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

In these pages you can find as much information on screen enclosure design as you may (or may not) want to know. However, the better you understand the variety of screen enclosures available, the more likely you can make informed decisions before you spend thousands of dollars on this investment in your home.

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