“Building it right is much cheaper than building it twice!”

New Screen Enclosure Design

Our primary service is new enclosure design and we are the exclusive source for Gen-2 Screen Enclosures. We employ the most advanced engineering methods ever used in designing enclosures. No other professional engineer in the industry even comes close to matching our expertise. Fore more information on Gen-2 Screen Enclosures, click here.

Existing Screen Enclosure Evaluation

In addition to our premier new enclosure design service, we offer an array of evaluation options so homeowners can learn about what they have and make informed decisions about any modifications they might be considering. These include the following:

  • Preliminary Evaluation – Determine Florida Building Code design requirements, preliminary structural frame evaluation, connection design review.
  • Full Frame Computer Simulation – Evaluate the entire screen enclosure structural frame according to Florida Building Code design requirements plus everything included in Preliminary Evaluation.
  • Maximum Wind Speed Determination – Includes everything above plus additional computer simulations to determine the true capability of an existing frame design.
  • Connection Details Evaluation – Can be added to Full Frame Computer Simulation or Maximum Wind Speed Determination for full understanding of an existing enclosure.
  • Reinforcement Evaluation – Requires either Full Frame Computer Simulation or Maximum Wind Speed Determination with proposed reinforcements in place.
  • Repair Certification – Obtain a copy of the original engineering used to build the screen enclosure, then certify that repairs are done in accordance with it such that it is returned to its original strength.

Bracing Upgrade Retrofits

A full frame evaluation, in certain circumstances, can be taken to the next level to determine a bracing replacement strategy that results in a fully capable frame design. Your enclosure computer simulation is modified using our brace placement strategy and proprietary aluminum extrusion properties to find a frame design that results in a frame design that meets the strict requirements of the Florida Building Code and Aluminum Design Manual specifications. In addition, all retrofitted braces will include our proprietary high strength connections.

To contact Steve regarding any of our screen enclosure design or evaluations services, send your e-mails to or call (772) 486-5425.

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