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Material specifications and manufacturers’ names are commonly mentioned, however, most contractors get there materials from the same distributor as their competition. If not, chances are theirs is the same specification or strength. Some of the claims regarding fasteners (screws in particular) hide the strength of the material behind only specify coating information, not strength or corrossion resistance. Here are some typicall comments.

“We use only top of the line materials such as Phifer sceening material, cermaic coated screws and 6005-T5 high strength aluminum alloys, not imported inferior materials.”

Typically, all contractors are using 6005-T5 aluminum alloy or other alloys of identical strength. In addition, there is no benefit for “virgin” or “domestic” materials as long as the processing specifications are followed.

Phifer is a major manufacturer of screen. However, the make a variety of grades of screen. Some have a realistic life expectancy of only two years before they wear out.

Screw coatings can chip and wear upon installation regardless of type. The threads chafe on the aluminum upon installation, the head chips against the socket driving it. What matters is the material of the screw itself: its strength, corrosion resistance and resistance to detrimental interaction with aluminum (galvanic corrosion). The proper materials are listed in the specifications referenced in the Florida Building Code.

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