Screen Enclosure Design

Have you ever wondered how a screen enclosure is designed? Here you can find out! We give you as much information on the process through a series of pages aimed at educating the public so they can better understand the product they are purchasing, and the rigors of what it must be designed to endure.

We begin with the basics. “How big should my enclosure be?” “What styles are possible?” “What colors can I choose from?” “What if my pool has a raised Jacuzzi?” “How many doors can I have in my enclosure?” “What’s all this stuff about screen mesh size?” We answer all of these questions and more in “The Basics”.

We follow with design details. Here we introduce you to the nomenclature of the various components of a screen enclosure. We talk about the aluminum pieces that make up the frame and how they are fastened together.

Finally, we discuss the engineering concepts and methods behind screen enclosure design in “Engineering Methods”. Here you can learn about the requirements of the Florida Building Code for screen enclosure design, engineering terminology, industry standard engineering methods and advanced engineering methods.

Did you know there are at least three different methods that can be used to “engineer” a screen enclosure? All have varying degrees of accuracy. You should learn from a professional engineer about how your next screen enclosure is designed before spending upwards of $20,000 for it. You can do that here.

“Building it right is much cheaper than building it twice!”

To contact Steve regarding a design for your next screen enclosure, send your e-mails to or call (772) 486-5425.

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