Steven M. Sincere, P.E. (Professional Engineer and licensed contractor) has been involved in research and development of screen enclosures since the hurricanes of 2004 (Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne). These storms devastated thousands of enclosures across the state and proved that this product was deficient in meeting the performance requirements of the Florida Building Code.

Steve was the first engineer to apply three dimensional finite element analysis (a fancy term for full-frame computer simulation) in the study of this phenomenon. Through the analysis of accepted design practices and established designs, ground breaking discoveries were made that shattered common engineering assumptions and convention. Steve’s research lead to being featured on FOX29’s Ask the Expert series in 2008. You can watch the segments below.

Steve was the lead engineer that endeavored to improve screen enclosure design methods and develop a truly hurricane resistant screen enclosure. In October 2005, the first generation of this revolutionary new product was introduced. It featured improved materials and connections as well as an automated computer modeling system, the essential factor in creating truly hurricane resistant screen enclosures. At it’s core is over 10,000 lines of computer code that builds the entire frame and analyzes every foot of it. In addition, this computer code produces a complete engineering summary and price estimate. To see an sample of what this model can produce, watch the video below.

Steve has now taken the experience gained from the first true innovation in screen enclosure design and analysis in over a decade and evolved it into a further perfected second generation product…the Gen-2 Screen Enclosure. Having approaching numerous contractors in Palm Beach County with this innovative product and being turned down, Steve was determined to get it to the public and decided to become a contractor himself. He now oversees all aspects of every Gen-2 Screen Enclosure from concept to final inspection, insuring quality every step of the way.

No other engineer, screen building company or contractor produces anything that even approaches the level of strength and hurricane resistance of a Gen-2 Screen Enclosure. For more information on Gen-2 Screen Enclosures, please go here.

“Building it right is much cheaper than building it twice!”

To contact Steve regarding a design for your next screen enclosure, send your e-mails to or call (772) 486-5425.

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